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What is sterilization?

The Continuous Dry Steam Sterilization Technology is Natural and Safe for any food product. The steam sterilization treatment does not use any types of chemical at all; hence no chemical residual effect, at all, is found in the treated products and therefore, it is fundamentally safe to the health. Due to no steam sterilization, our exported Agro-Food crops are not getting proper value addition.

To make sure all above, a state of the art technology, ISO 22000 & HACCP Certified, Continuous Dry Steam Sterilization is established at Plot No. 144, Por Industrial Park, Adjoining Por GIDC, N.H. 8, POR - 391243, Dist. Vadodara.

The main crops to be dry steam sterilized are Psyllium, Cumin, Chilli, Turmeric, Fennel, dried Vegetables, Whole Sesame, Plants, Ground Spices, Seeds, and many more. The unit is first of its kind established in India with latest Indian technology (UNDER MAKE IN INDIA COMPAIGN) of cleaning, grading and color sortex, steam sterilization and class 100 cleaned and sterilized air system with packing in sterilized condition.

CEO's Message

"Microbial contamination is the biggest enemy of mankind's health, Can be used efficiently if handled properly. We as a continuous dry steam sterilizer has always look to possess and provide capabilities to handle and manage agro-food products with lot of advancement in technology. With the support of various approving agency and regulators, we have been able to provide latest innovative solutions and avoid disaster from the risk of impurities. I wish that new and new products and technologies are developed and adopted globally to make the world healthier and safer.

Stay healthy with added divinity from Dhruhi Sterile ........... "

Certificate of Compliance

Services We Provide

Cleaning, Grading & categorization

The unit is established with world class equipment for cleaning, grading, de-stoning and color sorting. The mechanical handling system is provided to minimize the human touch.


Continuous Dry Steam Sterilization Plant

The whole steam sterilization plant is made of SS 316 & SS304. The product is sterilized with dried steam at the pre-decided temperature for specified period decided for the different crops.


Plant & Hygiene of workforce

The whole facility is cleaned regularly to maintain the international standards. Frequently spraying chemicals at surrounding area to minimize insects and pest...


Sterilized Packing

The dry steam sterilized material is packed in the room with class 100 cleaned and sterilized air at controlled temperature. The temperature of the products, while packing, is maintained...


Steam Sterilization Unit

The equipment are made from SS 304. The product is sterilized with dried steam at the pre-decided temperature for specified period decided for the different crops. The product is passed...



The factory is around 11000 sq. ft. Hard, strong and smooth flooring and wall cladding to maintain cleaning and hygienic conditions...


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