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Steam Sterilization

  • Continuous Dry Steam Sterilization Unit for Food Crops

    Inspite of being one of the leading producer of food in the world, India's share in the global food trade is less than two percent. If India has to increase its share in the global market, it has to focus on maintaining high quality standards, as rejection of imports due to sub standards quality of the foods would tarnish the image of the exporting country. The quality of the food crops is the functions of the various steps like harvesting, handling and processing involved in the operations. The people of the world over are now more conscious about the microbial contamination along with impurities and foreign matters in the food produce and products.

  • Steam Sterilization means...


    – Sterile:
    Free from any living organisms.


    – Sterile:
    Process of killing or removing microorganisms from a product to ensure that it is sterile.

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  • The Plant

    The Continuous Dry steam sterilization treatment does not use chemicals at all and hence, no chemical residual effect is found in the treated products and therefore, it is not harmful to the health.
    The main crops to be sterilized are Psyllium, Cumin, Fennel, Whole Sesame, Ground Spices and many more. The unit is first of its kind established in Gujarat with latest technology of cleaning, grading and colour sortex, steam sterilization and class 100 cleaned and sterilized air system with packing in sterilized condition. The unit is having the following facilities