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Steam Sterilization

  • Performances Eg. Camomille sterilization
    • Aspect remains the same
    • Mini loss of Volatile oil
    • No moisture increase

    Performances Eg. of Paprika Sterilization
    • Granulometry is stable Almost no alteration of Key components
  • Natural Pasteurization

    Dhruhi Sterile is a new steam-based pasteurization system for spices, flavorings, seeds, botanicals, grains, nuts, edible gums and other food ingredients. The process utilizes newly developed technology which facilitates rapid penetration of steam and transfer of heat throughout the materials being pasteurized.

  • Product Quality

    As Dhruhi Sterile rapidly and uniformly transfers heat throughout the material being treated, the process does not expose product to temperatures higher than the minimum required for pasteurization. Included in the Dhruhi Sterile process is a rapid cooling stage to minimize residence time at elevated temperatures and maintain product quality

  • Devitalizes Weeds

    An additional advantage of the Dhruhi Sterile process over conventional gas or irradiation-based technologies is the complete devitalization of contaminant weed seeds within the product. This is particularly important as Federal and State regulators are increasingly concerned about the possibility of foreign weed seeds harming our nation’s agriculture.

  • Elimination of Insects

    Dhruhi Sterile can also be used for elimination of insects from most commodities including fresh fruits and vegetables. Current heat treatment schedules for fruits and vegetables utilize hot water dips or long-term residence in heated rooms at atmospheric pressure.

    Dhruhi Sterile facilitates treatment in a much shorter time and can be performed on palletized product contained within shipping cartons.

  • In-House Laboratory & Professional Research Equipment

    All spices and herbs cultivated / harvested in different areas of the world and dried in different conditions need thorough and specialized research work (investigation). We are about to establish our own laboratory and the most modern specialized equipment. All raw materials & semi-finished products go through very strict quality control processes and testing.

    We deliver proven products of the highest quality with the guarantee of their health safety.