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Steam Sterilization

  • Our Factory

    The factory is of 11000 sq.ft area with hard, strong and smooth flooring. All the four walls of the shed are smoothly plastered to its full height to maintain cleaning and hygienic conditions of the international standards. The glass windows are provided for better natural light. The roof of the shed is fitted with galvalume sheets with few transparent PE sheet coupled with axial turbo fans for better and constant air circulation.

    Cleaning, Grading and Color Sorting :

    The unit is established with world class equipment for cleaning, grading, de-stoning and color sorting. The mechanical handling system is provided to minimize the human touch to the product to avoid microbiological contamination. The exportable grade material is directly feed from the hopper to the Steam Sterilization Unit.

    Continuous Dry Steam Sterilization Unit :

    The Continuous Dry Steam Sterilization unit is manufactured in India under MAKE IN INDIA campaign by veteran team from Agro Food Industries. The equipment are made from SS316 and SS304. The product is sterilized with dried steam at the pre-decided temperature for specified period decided for the different crops. The product is passed in hot chambers through screw conveyor . After passing steam, the material is immediately passed in the cooling zone, in which, the chilled water is used to cool the material. The entire process is computerized to maintain the feed rate, steam temperature, steam pressure, steaming time, cooling temperature and cooling period. The unit has the capacity to reduce microbiological level to zero percent depending upon the original microbiological load of the crop. The capacity of the plant is 1000 Kg per hour.

    Sterilized Packing :

    The sterilized and cooled material is packed in the room with class 100 cleaned and sterilized air at controlled temperature. The temperature of the product, while packing, is maintained. The special food grade PVC bags are used for packing with proper sealing to avoid entry of the external atmospheric air in the bag. The entire packing operation is under sterilized condition.

    Laboratory :

    The unit is in process of establishing in-house laboratory for physical, chemical and microbiological analysis of the product. The laboratory room is going to be provided with class 100 cleaned and sterilized air to avoid contamination during analysis in the laboratory.

    Cleaning of the Factory and Hygiene of Staff :

    The factory is cleaned regularly to maintain domestic as well as international standards. Frequently spraying chemicals at surrounding area to minimize insects and pest population. The workforce working in the processing and packaging area are with clean dress.

  • Dhruhi Sterile

    We offer contract sterilization and fumigation using our Sterilization dry steam technology for nuts, spices, herbs and botanical

    – TPC REDUCTION UPTO 99.99%.

  • Capacity

    Dhruhi Sterile

    – 1000 kg per hour

  • The Need

    Many dry products need to be pasteurized or sterilized. Several solutions exist like irradiation, ETO, ozone, and UV. However, steam sterilization is the only efficient and globally recognized solution.
    Ours is a continuous dry steam sterilization process, which is completely safe and natural. It only uses heat to reduce the germ content of the product. We will make your product safer for the consumer, while maintaining its high quality.

    Dhruhi Sterile can treat most dry and wet products.

    These include :

    • Spices, seeds, herbs, botanicals, dehydrated fruits and vegetables.
    • All shapes of products, from whole to the finest form of powder.

    • Pasteurization or sterilization
    • Alternative to Irradiation, Ozone, UV, IR.
    • Dhruhi Sterile - Steam Sterilization is 100% organic

    Dhruhi Sterile can treat

    • Most products :

    Spices, seeds, herbs, botanical,dehydrated fruits and vegetables